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A Balanced Life

A balanced life is a life lived in harmony with ourselves, each other, the natural order of our ecosystem and the undeniable universal law in which we all exist. As a culture, we have wandered so far off the natural path, we have become dangerously close to loosing our way. Stressing out over being perfect is what got us into this situation in the first place.

Everywhere we go some “expert” is telling us what we need to do to be healthy, thin, happy, smell good, be relaxed, on and on and on. Commercial TV is now 51+% advertisements leaving little room for moral lessons or entertainment.

Advertisements account for the majority of what we see and hear. With this type of bombardment how are we to sort out the truth from the lie. Between work, commuting, meal preparation, children and family obligations, church and social obligations who has the time for self improvement? The alarm goes off in the morning and the next thing you know you are 58 and the doctor is telling you, you need to take six different medications to keep from falling apart. Before long your “golden years” are being spent checking blood sugar levels, taking antacids, insulin, osteoporosis and blood pressure meds. If you are lucky, that triple bypass will be performed just in the nick of time. That is when we ask... why me? I did everything those hundreds and hundreds of hours of commercials told me to do.

According to Socrates “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arteriosclerosis and obesity don’t just happen to us. We work at attaining those dis-ease labels our entire life. Disease is not some random bad thing that just happens to us. Disease is a consequence of a lifetime of poor choices. A lifetime of allowing someone else to choose for us. Then one day, when out to dinner with friends, we compare what meds we are on the same way we used to compare our favorite music. A genetic predisposition is just that, a genetic weakness where, if not careful, toxins can accumulate and cause stagnation and premature aging and death. Genetics only account for 2% of our predisposition to disease. The remaining 98% are the choices we make throughout our life. My brother likes to say that the only thing we have control over is our choice to be happy or unhappy. My brother is a very wise man. Health and happiness is a deeply personal responsibility.

The human body is over 70% water. Each morning we stand in the light of day and have a new opportunity to allow the sun to shine upon us. It is our choice alone whether we cast a shadow of stagnation or create a rainbow of possibility and hope. Each one of us can become a conduit for a rainbow, casting light where there once was darkness. When we are resistant to the ways of nature we block the possibility of becoming a conduit for light. Only when we allow the vibration of light and hope to shine through us can we begin to balance our lives. Changing the foods we eat can help us do that. We are a nation obsessed with how we look. Beauty begins on the inside and radiates out, not the other way around.

A healthy body will crave foods and beverages with a higher vibration such as green leafy organically grown vegetables. When we are over worked, stressed and tired we are functioning at a considerably lower vibration. This is when we crave the low vibration foods such as coffee, cola, all sorts of sugary over processed foods, fried foods and animal products. We call them comfort foods because they make us feel better. Or do they? What is really happening is the rush of sugar goes to our brain which needs sugar for fuel, and momentarily these foods give us the false illusion of well being. The truth of the matter is what our brain really needs is a slow burning fuel, complex  carbohydrates such as whole vegetables, whole grains, whole non sweet fruits and healthy fats rich in essential fatty acids.

When we eat fast burning carbs such as white bread or white potatoes or a sweet roll we get the immediate rush from the sugar, but what happens to the excess. The excess sugar is then stored as fat for a brain snack later on. But that never happens, instead we get sleepy, depressed and queasy. The next thing we know we are eating a candy bar or sugary granola bar or sugar laced yogurt for energy and the cycle begins all over again.

An acquaintance of mine has always announced with defiance, that she would never give up “her” coffee. She knows what I do and she has always waited for me to try and stop her. I have learned that when people make statements like that, there is nothing in heaven or earth that I can do to stop them. Then one day she announces that she has read in a magazine article that switching from coffee to green tea could result in a weight loss of ten pounds in one month. The only thing we can expect in life is the unexpected. After years of stubbornly drinking coffee, she stops for vanity, not health but vanity. A month goes by and she has not lost an ounce, so she decides to go back to coffee because she misses it so much. However, to her surprise, the coffee is now making her sick, very sick. She has the jitters, headaches, acid reflux, upset stomach and a general feeling of crumminess. In my work I have seen this happen over and over again. Our brains are so addicted to the bad habit that we don’t notice our body clearing out or feeling better. It’s when we go back we realize just how sick we used to be. Just that one month was enough to raise her vibration to a point where the low vibration of coffee no longer was able to lie to her.

I could give you hundreds of similar accounts from commercial cheese to diet beverages. People so addicted to the momentary high that they forget what feeling good feels like or perhaps they never knew in the first place. We are the only animal on this planet who do not instinctively know what to eat. We need to be taught to eat by a parent or care-giver. If that parent or care-giver is being taught what to eat by advertisers, then who is minding the store? Most of the studies on foods are done by the manufacturer. Can we really trust the people who stand to profit from the outcome of a study? The studies I look at are the ones done by third party researchers.

The only fad diet I promote is nature’s original fad diet... whole unadulterated natural organic vegetables, nuts, seeds berries, wild crafted fish, pasture raised meats, non-sweet fruit and whole sweet fruit in moderation once you are pH balanced. When we learn how to nourish ourselves miracles will happen. Become the change... Become the miracle.