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Please Note:    The information on this website is not a substitute for consultation with and care by a licensed healthcare provider. Throughout this website, statements are made pertaining to the properties and/or functions of nutritional products. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and these materials and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Go to your nearest emergency room or call 911 for acute symptoms.

Disclaimer:     We are happy to serve your needs. In an effort to provide products that alkalize we only offer products that have helped us maintain a pH of 6.8 to 7.2 in urine and saliva - or - has helped us avoid potentially allergic/sensitive foods and/or substances. The pHydrion litmus paper does not test the actual pH of blood. The only way to test the pH of blood is to ask your doctor for a fasting blood test designed for this purpose. The testing of urine and saliva is to see how our body is reacting to the buffers and acids coming into and being produced by our body. Because we are each biochemically unique, there is no way of knowing how our products will work for you. Alkalizing takes a total effort and commitment to personal wellness. There are no guarantees in life and we make none concerning how these products or information will impact your life or wellness.

When you call to talk to us with questions, know we can only answer from our own personal testimonial or from something we have read or heard. We can not always have the answers nor do we pretend to. It is not our intention, nor would it ever be appropriate for us to dispense medical advice. We consider ourselves 'Informed Lay-persons'. . . NOT; nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, nurses, naturopaths or having any medical training of any kind. However, we have been there, recovery from personal health challenges has led us to a life of service. Accordingly, we choose to help people lead a more informed, conscious experience while on the earth we all share. We make no judgments.

Recipes are for your enjoyment and not to be considered medical advice. A person's health is a very personal endeavor. We encourage you to follow your instincts and always make choices without the influence of hearsay or testimonials. There is no way we could ever have enough information about your health history, genetics, state of mind or environmental influences to know what is best for your total wellness. This is your decision alone. Nothing we have to say or offer should ever precede a doctor/health care providers program already in place.

The information and products in this web site are for educational purposes only and are not recommended as a means of diagnosing or treating an illness. All matters concerning physical and mental health should be supervised by a health practitioner knowledgeable in treating that particular condition. Neither NewPage Productions, Inc., the officers or staff directly or indirectly dispense medical advice, nor do they prescribe any remedies or assume any responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves. If you are pregnant or nursing consult with your doctor before beginning any nutritional program. It is your responsibility to make sure foods are not contraindicated by prescription medications you may be taking.

Note: It is impossible for us to know if you are experiencing a healing crisis or in need of medical assistance. For acute symptoms seek professional medical assistance, go to a hospital emergency room or call 911.