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The Health Benefits of Pure Water

health benefits of pure water earth vibration liquid drinking homeopathic

February 19 to March 20 - Zodiac Sign: Pisces - Element: Water - Color: Violet
It has become increasingly obvious to conscious beings that if we are to remain healthy, we must have a good clean pure water source. Water is after all the essence of life. When a dying person is coming close to the end of their life they stop eating and drinking. Not to starve themselves, but rather to dehydrate their body in preparation to return to the salt of the earth. Because that is what we are — water and salt. In biochemical terms: ionic minerals in the form of matter being suspended in a water medium. On a biophysical level we are much more and so is water.

Homeopathic remedies work by imbuing the liquid medium with the vibrational resonance of the healing herb or flower transmitting these high vibrational messages to our body of fluid. It’s all about the message, not the volume. Knowing this, it just makes sense that removing the chemicals and pollutants from municipal water may biochemically remove the impurities, but does it remove their vibration? We must consider the biophysical properties of the water. If high vibrational homeopathics can make us well then what does the low vibrational properties of tap water do to our body? This goes beyond the pH of water being the only factor. How then do we heal the water?

If one rotten apple can spoil the entire barrel, then the same can be said for low vibration water. Researchers such as Masaru Emoto, Doctor of Alternative Medicine and author of "The Hidden Messages in Water", and "The True Power of Water", are proving to the world that water is conscious. Water holds memory, water can follow gravity while at the same time be pulled upward by the sun, it is impossible to hold running water in our hands, yet that same water can wear away the hardest rock. The human brain is 90% water, the human body is 77% water, liquid water is the most rare and precious substance in the universe. Freeze water and you can walk on it. There is water vapor is in every breath we take. Chemically speaking, water doesn't boil at the temperature science tells us it should. Instead of shrinking when cold, water expands. You can take a drop of water and turn it into a crystal, unique to all other crystals, thaw the crystal into the drop of water and when refrozen it will create the same crystal over and over again. Yes, water definitely has a memory.

When I have no choice I do drink bottled natural mineral water such as Fiji. Then the guilt sets in and I start thinking about the plastic bottle “continents” out the middle of all of our oceans and seas. I made the choice years ago to invest in a water distiller, then later in a water ionizer. I use them both. The ionization process (made using platinum coated electrodes), separates the highly acidic toxins from the highly alkaline minerals found in tap water. By separating the acids from the pure minerals in the water, as if by magic the water is delivered in a pure natural state. The low vibrational elements are removed, leaving water the way nature intended. This simple yet sophisticated process, does not affect the bioavailability of the high pH, super hydrating alkaline minerals. The best part is that the high alkaline water tastes great! Research has shown that animals have increased calcium absorption in the gut and have had an increase in their tibia bone mass from drinking high pH water. This indicates that the quality of water may be supportive for treating osteoporosis, along with many other acid pH related health concerns. The water pH produced by this technology is around 9.5, depending on the original water source. Since sitting water becomes naturally more acidic and plastic bottles are destroying the earth’s ecosystem, making your own just makes sense.

The best choice for good water filtration can be confusing. I don't care who you talk to, they all feel their distiller, reverse osmosis (RO), purifier, ionizer, on and on are the best. If water has a memory, how do we ever make it forget? These are all questions you need to satisfactorily answer for yourself. I just don't know. Before I made the decision to drink ionized water I drank distilled. I believe that distillation is the best biochemical choice for pure water. The problem is that water needs to contain ionic minerals and or organic substances in order to be alive, because technically distilled water is dead. If we drink distilled water without adding minerals back into it, it will look for and attach itself to minerals where ever it can as it goes through the body.

If minerals are what make water alkaline and water filtering systems such as RO and distillation not only remove the pollutants, but the minerals as well — then what? Minerals must be added back in before drinking to make the water "alive" again. Always look to nature for answers. Rain water is distilled, however, once it filters into the ground it becomes mineralized. This is because water is always looking for minerals to make it whole and alive. As it goes through the soil, plant matter, clay and rock it picks up the minerals it needs. Distilled water will do the same thing as it filters through your body. Adding minerals back into water is not hard, but necessary. A small squeeze of lemon juice, a few grains of good sea salt, herb tea, a green food powder or trace minerals such as Cellfood. Once the water is complete with minerals it will become alive and nourish your body rather than leaching the much needed minerals out. Adding minerals doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive.

If you choose to use sea salt quality does matter. The best source for these ionic minerals can be found in crystal rock salt. Not just sea salt but ancient sea beds from thousands of years ago. Free of pollutants, containing the perfect ratio of 87 ionic minerals — which by the way, happen to be the same as those found in the human body, in the same ratio. Because the minerals are ionic they are also highly bioavailable. By adding a few grains of crystal rock salt to distilled water, you have now made biochemically pure water biophysically available for use by the human body. While it may not be alkaline water the effect will be alkaline-forming and nourishing to your body.

The bottom line; we need water to be alive. Even poor quality water is better than not drinking enough water. Water is natures detergent. Our bodies soon become like a stagnant pond if enough water isn't consumed. Flowing water is clean and clear by comparison. Drinking enough water is two fold. First, it replenishes much needed minerals. Second, it clears away waste. Our livers soon become quite toxic if enough water isn't flushed through. Just ask anyone on dialysis if they think kidneys are important.

Our skin absorbs everything we put on it, as much if not more than what we drink. If transdermal medications can heal, highly chemically treated water has the ability to do the opposite. For that reason I have water filters on all shower heads. I also do not take steaming hot showers and I limit my time to no more than ten minutes. The hotter the water the more open our pours, allowing in more pollution and chemicals. Also chlorine and fluoride vapors are known carcinogens. Perhaps that is the reason hot showers are considered acid forming. Don't misunderstand, the water is comfortably warm. I am not ready for ice cold showers, nor do I think I ever will be. This is about balance and wellness not suffering and harshness to achieve perfection. If you are miserable and unhappy all of the time, living longer isn't a plus.

When I talk about not drinking straight from the tap, I am including all municipal and well water. I was raised on well water. I love the taste. The problems with well water are the same as with municipal water - chemicals. Most well water is found in remote areas of the country, usually surrounded by farm land. There is no way of knowing how many farm and industrial chemicals have leached into the water table your well has tapped into. If you are going to drink well water, please get it checked for its chemical content before you continue to use it. It is possible that a toxic landfill or factory one-hundred miles away could be compromising the purity of the water in which you drink and bathe. Perhaps the farm up the hill has been using rat poison in the barn for the last 30 years, not to mention pesticides on the crops.

No other fluid will have the same healing and cleansing effect as pure water. Beverages such as coffee, soft drinks, and carbonated water actually dehydrate the body. The formula for basic hydration is half of your body weight in ounces of water everyday. If you weigh 180 pounds then that means you should be drinking roughly 3 quarts/liters of water everyday, just for maintenance, more if you exercise or are in the sun. The important thing is to not focus so much on the "perfect water" but rather on the importance of hydration itself. Drinking enough safe water puts new meaning on the old saying "cleanliness is next to godliness". Clean air, alive water and organic food is the best way to care for the vessel that contains the heart and spirit of who we truly are. The choices we make today will determine the types of choices we will be faced with in the future.