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If You Want to Heal the World, Heal Yourself

Garrett Walters

Garrett Walters is one of my spiritual teachers and I’m happy to say, a good friend. He has touched my life in so many positive ways I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Never pious or preachy, but always honest, loving and to the point or should I say the heart. Garrett has given me permission to share excerpts from some of his emails sent to me over the years. My desire is that his words will touch you as they have touched me and give you permission to heal on every level of your being.

“If You Want to Heal the World, Heal Yourself”. Once upon a time I was an angry young man profoundly committed to changing the world. I sincerely believed that the world desperately needed to conform to my expectations, and my job was to show the world why everything would be so much better if only it would listen to me. Oddly, many people did. I had great certainty about my correctness and many people responded to that. And in a relatively short period of time I had created so much karma with my sincere commitment to making the world a better place through my perfect pictures that I found myself no longer able to create in the world. I spent so much time and energy trying to make sure that I was doing the right things that I had nothing left to give to myself or the world.

I decided to take a six month sabbatical to heal myself, which turned out to be a much bigger project than I had anticipated. It ended up taking me twelve years and many, many hours of meditation to learn to trust that my job wasn’t changing the world, my job was to heal myself. In essence, the only way that I could have impact in the world was to change the energy that I was running in my own space. When you raise the vibration of the energy of your own energy, that shift ripples through the world that you live in. It gives all the people around you more permission to raise their own energy. This is real power. Not the power to control other people but rather the power of becoming the person that you actually are. The exploration of truth rather than illusion.

It isn’t your imagination and it isn’t just climate change either. The world is changing more dramatically and at a faster pace than ever before. Everyone can feel the ground around them shifting and the energetic weather is buffeting us all. If you are a person who is already very sensitive to the energy around you, these radical and fast paced changes are becoming an even bigger challenge than they have been. The time for planning and preparing for the future is past. The future is here and it is a time for spiritual communication and creation. It is a time for doing and by coming together in shared spiritual intention, making the energy is easier for each of us to pursue our own paths. Now, more than ever, is a time for coming home into your body and changing the way that you respond to the energy that you live in every day.

When the calendar turned to 01/01/11, what I saw was 1111, which is what I see as the numeric expression of new beginnings. It’s as if the universe hit the reset button on a counter, creating a whole new space for a whole new beginning. And that is the energy that I have been looking at out there in the world. We are hitting the reset button in order to make the space for the transition that we will all be a part of late next year. So, now is the time to just let go of the aspects of your creations that are no longer serving you as you take your next step. You can’t change or heal the programs that you have inherited from your family and the other powerful influences of your life. You can’t fix them and you can’t improve them. It doesn’t help to understand them and you can’t change the people who gave them to you. No amount of self improvement is going to satisfy the invalidation in your space. You can’t win the Perfect Picture game and you were never meant to. That leaves you with just two choices – continue to let that invalidation control your space or simply let it go. It’s very simple but it may be the hardest thing that you will ever do in your life.

It is a time to recreate the relationship between ourselves as body and ourselves as spirit, growing that space of sanctuary that can exist within. These are dramatic times and I see no indication that things are going to slow down anytime soon.  So many voices in the world are insisting that we are bad, wrong, broken or sinful. That we desperately need to become a better, improved person. As I look at the world, I see something else entirely. The challenge isn’t becoming better, it is rather about becoming whole. The more that you commit to the process of becoming the person that you are, the better you will become at riding the wave of change instead of being pounded by it.

The more that you put your focus on being who you are and on finding peace with yourself and the world, the easier it is to live in these tumultuous times. If you really want to have an impact on the world, contributing the creation of a different kind of life on the planet, the process always comes back to healing yourself. By coming together   and creating a common intention to raise our own, individual energies, it becomes easier for each of us to experience the kind of life we know is possible as well as building a community that we can all enjoy.

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