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Age can be a factor in your overall health. For example, as a rule a 32 year old individual will not have the same hormone levels as a person 62. Likewise a younger person will have had only half the years of toxic exposure. However, I like to think it isn't the years it's the mileage. The right fuel (food) can erase years of dietary abuse faster than you can imagine.

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) uses your height to weight ratio to determine your healthy weight. The standard method to determine your BMI is to multiply your weight by 703 and divide it by your height squared (this equasion has been around since the 1800's). For example: if you weigh 130 pounds and are 5'5" (65") the BMI equasion would be (130x703)=91,390/(65x65)=4,225 making the BMI 21.63 considered within the normal range. I don’t know about you but that is a really complicated way to find out if you are overweight.

Let me share a much easier way for you to determine a healthy height to weight ratio. Take your height and waist circumference measurements in inches – if your waist number is more than half your height you need to loose weight. Simple! As an example: let's take that same person who is 5'5" (65") with a waist measurement of 30", since the waist is under half the height, they are in the normal range (65/2=32.5). Same result, just a whole lot easier getting there.

Both men and women go through "the change". Sorry guys, it isn’t just the gals that go though hormone imbalances as they age. Some people start in their late 30’s others twenty years later. A lifetime of adrenal fatigue brought on by many different stress factors will cause some people to prematurely age. Aging should be a graceful transition, not a bungee jump off a cliff.

About Your pH Levels

This is an important metabolic reading and should not be below 6.0. The optimal level is in the 6.8 to 7.2 range. If it is low or too high then an alkaline breakfast is the best way to raise the level.