Toxic Screening Test

Why Take a Toxic Screening Test?


I am offering this Toxic Screening Test as one more tool to empower you to take action. Each section of this test will demonstrate the great toll acids and toxicity can have on body systems.

Toxic Screening Test Instructions

Taking this test can be just a curiosity or a whole new beginning. The choice is yours alone.


Answer some or all of the questions. You will receive a score only on the section completed. Along with the test score you will also get a list of helpful tips for every question you checked as being problematic. If any individual section total is 10 or more, or the grand total is 50 or more becoming alkaline and doing a cleanse may be helpful. Any answer other than 0, will have a helpful tip posted at the bottom of your results page — Be sure to scroll down.

Rate each of the following symptoms based upon your profile for the past 30 days:

0=never or almost never have the symptom
1=occasionally have it, effect is not severe
2=occasionally have it, effect is severe
3=frequently have it, effect is not severe
4=frequently have it, effect is severe

YesNoDoes not apply
Women currently in or post menopause? Men andropause?
Is your stress level high?
Are there environmental toxins at work?
Are there environmental toxins at home?
Do you smoke?
Do you suffer from frequent illness?
Do you have frequent, or burning, or urgent urination?
Do you have a rectal/genital itch or discharge?
Do you experience nausea and /or vomiting?
Do you have diarrhea?
Do you experience constipation?
Do you get a bloated feeling?
Are you belching and /or passing gas?
Have you been diagnosed with acid reflux?
Do you have heartburn?
Are you prone to mood swings?
Do you suffer from anxiety, fear, nervousness?
Are you irritable and quick to anger?
Do you suffer from depression?
Do you suffer from fatigue and sluggishness?
Do you experience apathy and lethargy?
Are you hyperactive?
Are you restlessness?
Do you have pain or aches in joints?
Do you have arthritis?
Do you have stiffness and limited movement?
Is there pain and aches in muscles?
A feeling of weakness or tiredness?
Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia?
Do you binge eat or drink?
Do you crave certain foods?
Are you overweight?
Have you been compulsive eating?
Do you suffer from water retention?
Are you underweight?
Have you noticed skipped heartbeats?
Do you have rapid heartbeats?
Have you experienced chest pain?
Have you been diagnosed with high cholesterol?
Do you have chest congestion?
Have you been diagnosed with asthma or bronchitis?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
Do you experience shortness of breath?
Do you experience difficulty breathing?
Do you have acne on your face or back?
Do you experience hives, rashes and or dry skin?
Do you have hair loss?
Are you experiencing flushing or hot flashes?
Do you experience excessive sweating?
Do you get headaches?
Are you experiencing faintness?
Are you experiencing dizziness?
Do you have insomnia?
Do you feel you have poor memory?
Are you confused?
Are you experiencing poor concentration?
Are you having difficulty making decisions?
Do you find yourself stuttering, stammering?
Are you slurring your speech?
Do you have learning disabilities?
Do you have watery, itchy eyes?
Are your eyes swollen, reddened or sticky eyelids?
Are there dark circles under your eyes?
Do you have blurred/tunnel vision?
Do you have itchy ears?
Do you suffer from earaches, ear infection?
Is there drainage from your ear(s)?
Is there ringing in your ears or hearing loss?
Do you have a stuffy nose?
Do you have sinus problems?
Do you suffer from hay fever?
Are you experiencing sneezing attacks?
Do you have excessive mucus?
Do you suffer from chronic coughing?
Do you have gagging, frequent need to clear throat?
Are you experiencing a sore throat or hoarseness?
Do you have swollen or discolored tongue, gums lips?
Do you get canker sores?