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Why Test Urine and Saliva pH?

When we test pH levels we are interpreting the language of our body communicating with us.  Urine tells us our history (metabolic) and saliva our most recent choices (reactive) – both are important.  The foods we have just eaten will soon become our history. 

Testing pH levels tells us how body systems have been dealing with acids long term and how well our digestive system is able to handle what we have eaten the night before.  These numbers will not be consistent or match as long as we are eating acidic foods and are living an acidic lifestyle; too much acid-forming foods, stress, smoking, drinking acidic beverages, little or no exercise.  With pH testing you can start creating a healthy history today.

Testing urine first thing in the morning will tell the “true” state of your body functions. In a balanced individual 6.8 to 7.2 (neutral) is the desired reading.  Most individuals will test around 6.0, if testing is below that, you have some work to do.  Our body is constantly looking for alkalinity to keep the blood pH where it needs to be.  If we are not supplying it with the right balance of foods it will begin to draw from its alkalizing mineral reserves; bones, teeth and tissues.  Bottom  line, that fast food addiction and sweet tooth may be producing a not- so-sweet result fast.

Testing the second urine of the day, before you eat, should give a reading of 6.8 to 7.2. Ideally, the first voiding eliminated all of the stored toxins and acid from the day before. If mineral reserves are in balance you should be back to neutral. However, if this does not occur your next chance to balance body systems is by eating an alkalizing breakfast.

After breakfast check saliva again, an alkalizing meal should give a reading of 7.2 or higher (reactive). At this point you are testing the pH of the foods eaten and how they react with your alkaline reserves. If after this meal the pH reading is below 6.8 this is showing your body is struggling to balance body systems. If the readings have gone from 5.5 to 5.8 and only to 6.0 after breakfast, the body alkaline reserve may be deficient.

If you have a Home Test pH Kit, use the pH and foods chart provided and check the food choices against the pH result. Learn how to make generative choices. The body doesn’t lie, nor does it know how to lie. Trust how you feel and choose wellness. If you like, use graph paper and “chart” your pH readings. Does the chart go up dramatically after meals? Is the constant baseline around 7.0? Where do you start out in the morning? How do you feel after meals? Continue to track pH levels. Urine and saliva pH should never be lower than 7.2 after a meal (it can go as high as 8.0), but two to three hours after a meal should drop down to the 6.8 to 7.2 range. Everyday we make choices. What do you choose?