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Contains easy how-to charts and lists. by Kat James. Over 360 pages, paperback.

Read the The Truth About Beauty and become a connoisseur of your own self-creation. Open this book and uncover the real tools for profound, radiant, total transformation. Transform your looks and your life from the inside out. It turns out that beauty is not about hard work after all - if you have the right tools. This revolutionary guide peels away the layers of conventional body and beauty wisdom to uncover the crucial missing information needed for real transformation.

Nationally renowned holistic beauty and health expert Kat James reveals the life-altering secrets she discovered after more than a decade of struggling with an eating disorder that almost killed her.

James will help you shed the mind-sets and the popular regimes that sabotage your body and looks. Drawing from breaking science and her lifestyle upgrades that can yield stunning physical rewards without drugs, surgery, sweat, or deprivation. In addition, the extraordinary Living Beauty resource Guide will connect you to a world of superior, science-backed information, supplements, and solutions.

The more you know, the better you live and look. In as little as two weeks you can change your physical destiny. The Truth About Beauty will help you to:

  • Discover the three crucial elements missing from standard beauty and body approaches.
  • Lose your food addiction and learn why chemistry counts more than calories.
  • Transform your autopilot routines into high yield beauty rituals.
  • Optimize your body's own pro-beauty functions for a great shape and great skin.
  • Get gorgeous on the world's most "decadent" foods.
  • Reverse wrinkles without acids and conquer skin problems without drugs.

"Kat James's approach represents not only an inspiring path for personal triumph but a paradigm shift in the pursuit of beauty and health whose time has come."
- Suzanne Grimes, vice president and publisher, Glamour

"Kat James makes sense of the often overwhelming world of alternative natural products and provides an invaluable blueprint for vibrant and wholly natural self-transformation."
- John Monagan, editor in chief, Better Nutrition

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