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Thank you for the awesome customer service this morning.  I am very impressed!  So glad I was easily able to find you on my online search for continued wellness this morning.

All the best,

Minneapolis, MN

Hi Deborah,

Thank you so much for your response back regarding the backordered book [The pH Balance Diet] and yes I will wait for it.  

My husband & I are very excited about getting our pH balanced and learning everything we can.  The home test pH kit has been very helpful in getting us on our way.  

We did receive everything else that we ordered and have been using the products daily.  My pH has balanced out nicely but my husbands is a little more of a challenge but is getting better.  It is taking longer to balance his but we are going to keep trying!  We started about a month ago and his pH was a 5.5 and this morning it was a 6.0 so a little progress is good.  We are hoping for better results within the next month.  He has cut out all the highly acid-forming foods & beverages including coffee which he loves.  So I believe we are on the right track!  

Thank You!


Thank you ever so for you blog. Really thank you! Awesome.


Thank you so much for all the informative books. I am doing really well with the "new" way of eating. I think most people would be shocked that you really don't have to give up taste. I really enjoyed the Spinach Bake (out of the Feel Good Food Guide). Ryann seems to be better! I am currently reading Don't Drink Your Milk and Food & Behavior. Very interesting! We really appreciate it!


I honor what you have done for people. Thank you.


Hi, I really enjoy your recipes and I would love to feature your Classic Vegan Cheesecake recipe in a magazine I publish called JustJEWIt for iPad.  It's the only Jewish magazine that's made exclusively for the iPad, and I would love to recommend your recipe, and promote your website, in the upcoming issue for the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. It's a custom to eat cheesecake on Shavuot and I want to provide our readers with a non-dairy, healthy recipe.  I made yours at home and we all loved it.
Many thanks indeed.. .and all best wishes for your continued success.

JustJEWIt an iPad Magazine

Hello Deborah,
I am E-mailing you today in regard to the two books written by you that I purchased, they really helped me get a jump start with my eating habits. I came down with a rash on my hand two years ago and was told by my doctor that is was contact dermatitis and I could put steroid cream on my hand, but just this year the rash has spread to my other hand. I have been juicing and eating more green leafy vegetables and it has gone away, but if I eat certain foods it comes back.  So I am really looking forward to getting my blood tested.  Do you recommend any blood type tests I should look into to?  I am interested in the ALCAT test which is very expensive.  I have found a new doctor who is in homeopathy and healthy eating.  So I want to talk to her about the blood tests as well because I have family members who have arthritis, celiac disease, Crohn's disease, and autoimmune disease.  It is amazing how some foods that you eat can cause a reaction to your body. Blessings.
I have been gluten free for sometime, but then all I ate was corn and white potato products along with rice.   The food family kingdom information really helps in your book because if you are allergic to one food in that family your probably allergic to the whole family.   Staying away from casein sounds like a good idea too.  I will also look into those tests.
Thanks again for writing these books:  "Home Test PH Kit" and "The Feel Good Food Guide". 


Thanks so much for your work. Many of our clients have profited from your book and litmus paper.

Barry, Wisdom of the Earth

I love your recipes from the "Home Test pH Kit". I enjoy the tastes! Looking forward to more recipes in "The Feel Good Food Guide".


Hello Deborah:
Thank you for your book, I just picked it up a couple days ago, on my quest to find relief from Interstitial just 2 1/2 days I have seen a difference...the biggest thing for me is knowing the acid level of my body, and then eating accordingly....
I was given bioidentical estrogen 9 months ago for bladder pain and incontinency.....but so far it has been a battle, sometimes feel good, other times now, and always burning.....I found more relief from following my pH on your little strips than I have from the estrogen....
I plan to continue this strategy and hope to be able to stop using the estrogen.
I think my body was in free fall downward after a decade as a 911 operator in Phoenix, my adrenal and immune systems were/ still are compromised. And I have had problems with allergies for 5 years, having never had any problem all of my life with allergies.
Now from your book I  see WHY  I have been ill, and why all the supplements and sleep etc. were not body was dying from all the acid, I have always been a major protein person, not so much meat as protein shakes or protein bars, etc. , and of course the department was always drowning in sweets!!!  Since I retired I had lost 18 pounds (currently about 127) but I was not getting well, though I was trying my best to eat healthy, sleeping all the time, 12 hours most night, but always feeling exhausted, depressed, etc.  I think the only thing that has "saved" me thus far, was I was walking 5 - 7 days a week about 2 miles.
When I started Saturday afternoon with the concepts of your book, my urine was 5.5 and I was about 6.0 to 6.2 on saliva, I my first urine was 6.8 and I am eating foods that register blue 15-30 minutes after eating, a couple hours later still in the greens.  Praise God!
I am having difficulty using lemon and strawberry and banana, perhaps because I just was in "flare" with the IC most of last week and have been struggling to some extent with burning bladder and vagina even with the use of the ERT....BUT, I finally feel that I have the "method" for getting control of my lost health (never was a sick person before the 911 job that I held for just over 9 years).  I believe I can find that great health again via the concepts you have shared.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU.
If you have any advice for people with IC related to your concepts, please feel free to share.


Hi Deborah,
It was great getting to talk with you today about your book "Home Test pH Kit'. As promised, I've attached a pdf file of my latest book on cancer and nutrition, "Cancer's Best Medicine - A Self-Help and Wellness Guide". People need to know that cancer is a metabolic illness that's closely linked to diet and lifestyle.
Your book offers the best information on the topic of pH balance that I've had occasion to read.  Its clearly written and user-friendly, and you cover the topic with thoroughness. Thanks very much for making an otherwise  complicated topic into one that most readers can easily understand.

Mauris L. Emeka, author/publisher
Port Orchard, WA

...Thanks for the being the person that you are---I enjoy doing business with you.     ---7/31/12

Hi Deborah:  Thanks for such quick response to my order.   I like your friendly picture that's on the front of the one page that was sent back with my order.    Now I understand why I love  talking  with you on the phone. I like friendly people, as I like to think that I'm one, too.   Thanks, again. for taking care of my order.   You are such a blessing!    —8/4/12

...This country needs more people just like YOU!      ---8/5/12


I was having hugh health challenges and it was suggested that it was all diet related.  They were right, I can't believe the difference in my health since I've gone alkaline in diet and supplements!  Deborah has shown me the right road to follow and I'll never go back to the way I used to eat. Gone are heartburn, acid reflux, no more bleeding gums, no new cavities. I've also cleared up gastrointestinal problems, plus I lost 15 pounds from around the middle. People guess my age as being 10 years younger. Thank you,

Naperville, IL

Major thanks for the article. Much thanks again. Really Great.


Hi Deborah,
I've passed your links on to a friend who's suffered debilitating arthritis the past several years. As a guitar player, I'm hopeful he's receptive to this information.
Thank you for all you do and all you've done in the field of obtaining perfect health. You've been a God-send for me.


D. G.
Woodside, CA

Dear Mrs. Johnson,
I want to thank you for your help on my science fair project. It was very interesting. I used the book [Home Test pH Kit] you sent in my research and the color cards were used by the volunteer participants.
I was surprised to find that the participants' pH rose after they drank the carbonated drinks. Although I could not go into this within the project, it seems that the body reacts to the carbonated drink and combats the acid. I am sending the average results from this project. I hope that you find them interesting.
I am also very happy to announce that i received a first place ranking at the county science fair.
Again, thank you for helping me.


Having a severe case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, cell phone use for me is very uncomfortable and I rarely talk for more than a few seconds. After attaching a cell phone chip to the back of my phone, I can talk on my cell for several minutes with little or no fatigue or headache. Deborah made a believer out of me. It's true, the Bioprotcec Cell Phone Harmonizer really does reduce the deleterious effects of cell phone radiation. Thanks for taking the time to talk me into giving the harmonizer a try. I am now buying more for friends.

J. P.
Milwaukee, WI

My acupuncturist in Nashville recommended I read your Home Test pH Kit Book and test my pH. I want to tell you, I am so grateful to be reading your book, because it is filled with so much wonderful information. The thing is, while you talk about how too much acidity in the diet or how a too high an alkaline reading can hurt the body, although dire, you tell it in such a way to offer hope. I have bought acid/alkaline books in the past, they made me so scared I put them away. Not so with your book. My gums are wearing away from acidity, through this pH kit you have given me the tools to do something about it. This is a powerhouse of a little booklet. I thank you for the way your wrote this... it's perfect in every way.

And what a great website!  Thank you.  I'm sending the link to my family and friends.

Nashville, TN

I picked up the Home Test pH Kit at Sunflower Farmer's Market yesterday and devoured the information in your booklet.  Mega-kudos for capturing this knowledge in such an easy-to-understand way.

I have two quick questions before I place an online order...
Sherra's Question:  1-I distill my own water for bathing, washing veggies, etc.  You note adding "ionic minerals" to make distilled water into a pure source water.  What are these and where can I get them?
Deborah's Answer:  There are many ways to do this. I use Cellfood (you can purchase at, under nourish & cleanse). Other ways to make the water "alive" is to add a small amount of fresh squeezed lemon juice, a few grains of Himalayan Crystal salt or other types of trace minerals.
Sherra's Question:  2-Is there a book in your online store that provide an alphabetic lookup without first knowing if they are acid/alkaline forming?  Ex: I wanted to know about quinoa, millet and oatmeal.  I had to look under each category in your pamphlet to find them.  Instead, I'd like to look up quinoa directly, then see that it is a very low alkaline-forming food.
Deborah's Answer:  I don't know which edition of the Home Test pH Kit was in your purchase. Edition 6 and now in edition 7 the list is in alphabetical order. I just added the book "The Acid Alkaline Food Guide" to, It is a good price and has a pretty complete listing. Another book I like to recommend is "The pH Miracle". Both go into greater detail than possible in the Home Test pH Kit.

Thank you so much for your time and for the work you've done enlightening the rest of us on our journey!

Her reply:
Awesome-ness!  I just ordered from the FindymypHBalance website.  It was easy to navigate and refreshing to have all information at my fingertips to decide on the products.  Thank you as BIG as the sky for assisting me along my journey to wellness.


I love everything about [] -- from the wide selection, to the customer service, to the online toxic screening test.

Jonathan P.
Evanston, IL